family fun. {family photographer}

You know when you meet someone and it instantly feels like you are old friends? That’s how my husband and I feel about this family photographer

az family photographeraz family photographer

We met dad when we lived briefly in the valley and later found out his parents live in our new neighborhood here in the mountains. On top of that, his lovely wife is from my home town and is such a sweetheart. I think we were meant to be friends. 😉  az family photographer az family photographer

Anyways, this family is pure fun. Fun personalities all around and there is lots of spunk to be had. We’ll blame all that on dad!

az family photographer

Thanks so much for letting me play with you guys! Bring your kids back soon — I loved getting hugs on Sunday. :)

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new nephew b. {newborn photographer}

az newborn photographer

I think my sister is obligated to keep having babies so that I can take pictures of them. Her babies are always so mellow and sweet and just beautiful. I think you’ll agree …

az newborn photographer

I mean seriously; look at that little nose and those lips!

az newborn photographer

The only problem I run into is that I could take pictures of them all day, amidst much snuggling of course, and completely ignore my poor sis. Sorry girl — they are just too darn cute!

az newborn photographer az newborn photographer az newborn photographer az newborn photographer

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sunset joy. {family photographer}

Show Low family photographer

Sometimes you have so much fun with as a family photographer that you just don’t want the session to end. That’s how I felt about this session (or this family more specifically). It had all of the necessary characteristics that make for an awesome photo session, but more importantly it was just plain FUN!

Happy people – check.

Show Low family photographer

Gorgeous lighting – check.

Show Low family photographer

Beautiful subjects – check.

Show Low family photographer

Doughnut picnic – check.

Show Low family photographer Show Low family photographer Show Low family photographer

Okay, so I threw that last one in there for fun – but it really did turn out! Honestly, it was as much fun editing this session as it was taking it.

S. family: please come get your pictures taken any time you please. You were a complete joy to photograph!

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tips for great family photos.

Getting family pictures you love can be difficult. You put together perfectly coordinated outfits, perfect the hairdo on your squirming toddler, and somehow manage to free up a two-hour timeslot on the family calendar only to be disappointed with the canned expressions captured. Or perhaps despite all of your best preparations your kids refuse to cooperate and you leave with nothing more than grouchy smirks, tearful tantrums, and a raging headache.

We’ve all been there. (Some of us have even been there more than once!) And while there is no sure way to guarantee a great picture session, there certainly are a few tips that can help you get good pictures and keep your sanity at the same time. Here’s how:

Tip 1: Pick a photographer based on style not status.

It’s much more important that you like the photographic style of your pictures than pay for a lofty name or brand photographer. Look at a variety of photography and identify what speaks to you. Do you love casual pictures of my kids playing and laughing, or do you prefer more formal posing and props? You’ll never be happy with posed studio photography if spontaneous pictures are what you truly want.

Tip 2: Share your goals with your photographer.

This tip goes right along with tip 1. It’s much easier for someone to give you exactly what you want if they have a clear definition of what you want. Express your vision if you have something particular in mind. Yet be sure and allow for the photographer’s own creative vision as well. They are, after all, professionals in their own right and often the best pictures are pleasant accidents resulting from creative freedom.

Tip 3: Relax!

Children are sponges. If you are stressed and irritable than chances are your children will be too. (This goes for husbands/fiancés/teens as well folks!) Before a picture session, try to keep things unhurried, fun, and as normal as possible. Let everyone acclimate to the location if it’s new and give them some space to play/relax and just be themselves before you start directing them into poses. You’ll both be a lot happier and your pictures will show it!

Tip 4: Timing is everything.

Just as a photographer needs to coordinate the session to the best lighting of the day, you need to coordinate the session to the best time of day for your kids. This can be tricky when you have a full schedule, but it is well worth the effort. Make sure you are all rested, fed, and unrushed. The hour between soccer practice and dinner is not the time for a photo session.

Tip 5: Be prepared but not a perfectionist.

Iron those clothes, fix the fly-away hair, and make sure everyone is there on time, but then step back. Perfectionism is the photographer’s job, not yours. This frees up your energy, helps keep the session moving, and creates a better creative environment overall.

Are you ready to experience a photography session you’ll love? Contact Trinity Moore Photography here and let me capture the beauty in your family that others might have missed!

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sweet baby. j.

Apparently the little cliche about there being “something in the water” has some real truth to it. After going for months without a newborn client, I have now taken three sweet babies’ pics in the last month! Pure awesomeness for me …

This little sweetheart took her time coming; I think mom was especially excited for her birth since they had anticipated her arrival several weeks earlier. She was certainly worth the wait though; just look at her!

The best part of the whole shoot was getting to hang around afterwards and snuggle the little angel for awhile. What is it about new baby smell that is so wonderful?

And see this little beauty big sister? I get to have a session with her and her other siblings next week! Looks like we’ve got her warmed up to the idea already …. 😉

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brown-haired beauty. c.

Another sweet newborn, but this time it’s a beautiful little girl with a ton of dark brown hair! I think I am always a little jealous of the newborn’s who actually have hair. You see, my own children are born quite bald and seriously don’t have this much hair until they are 2 years old at least! (They can thank me for that awesome trait! ha!)

Little c gave us a run for our money during this session; she knew some excitement was going on and didn’t want to relax and sleep for most of the time. It was pretty hilarious how much she disliked having her little feet touched … thanks mom for being patient and trusting me to get the shots. I think you will be more than happy with the cuteness we captured!

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new nephew. s.

I think the only thing more fun than getting to snuggle with a newborn during a photo session is to snuggle with your newborn nephew during a session! Man I could have taken pictures of this sweet angel all day long.

His momma has the funnest decorating style and I loved getting to raid her house of antique chairs and refinished funky furniture; put a sweet little bundle of boy on top of them and boom! — you have instant adorableness!

I seriously couldn’t believe how clear and beautiful little s was … I want skin like his! Thanks sis for letting me come harrass you all day; really it was too much fun.

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senior stud. d.

This senior girl is seriously one of the biggest stud’s I know — and I say that in the most complimentary way possible. I think she would agree to my term selection! 😉

So many people are nervous about photographs; and usually unnecessarily so. For example, D. here was so sure I had my work cut out for me. But on the contrary, I captured so many unique and beautiful pictures of this girl I had a difficult time culling the photos down to a reasonable number (as you can see from the large number of images even in this blog post!).

Honestly, this girl has so much going on for her future. I know she will be amazing in whatever she does! Guys take note — this girl is not only a keeper, but probably above most of your pay grades! Haha!

It was so fun to spend the afternoon with her and her mom and sister; I miss you guys!

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desert beauty. b.

Okay, okay … so I think I took the term “summer vacation” a little too literal. I have some major blog catching up to do! 😉

First up is my beautiful niece B. I was lucky enough to have her and her awesome family visit over Easter and we decided to take the opportunity to capture her senior pictures.

She claims to be “not photogenic” — her exact words — and would you look at these pictures?! She is gorgeous! I think she sees it a little better now (or at least she better!). Ha!

Thanks for the fun session B. and I seriously hope you see how beautiful you are — inside AND out!

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fun for two.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful session last week with these two adorable little kiddos. Little girl was in need of some 1-year photos and big brother was just too cute not to throw in the mix as well!

This session was a perfect example of how photography, particularly when shooting children, can be a surprising venture. Little girl was less than her usual happy self during the session; in fact, I am quite certain mom wasn’t sure what we were going to come out with! :) But after some coaxing and patience we were able to still capture some really nice shots of this little blue-eyed beauty. Big brother was so helpful and willing to be photographed that he really helped the session to stay fun … and it shows in his pictures.

I can’t wait to get another opportunity to take these kiddos’ pictures again later in the year when we do a complete family session. With mom’s great style and kids’ great looks it is hard to go wrong! Thanks for having faith in me mom; I think you’ll agree it paid off!

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