Hello! I’m Trinity and I’m so glad you’re here!

A Little Bit About MeSelf portrait of Trinity Moore

Running horses. Crisp, sweet apples. Fragrant pine trees. Wind-blown hair. An easy smile. Vibrant blue. These are things that say “me”.

You know that saying, “a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll”? Well that’s me too — and quite literally. My father is a rancher; my mother is an artist; and I’m an eclectic mix of hardworking-straightlaced and fun loving-free. Listen to me speak and you’ll know I’m a mountain girl, but let me put pen to paper and you’ll swear I plagiarized those smooth lines. 

On any given day you might catch me having an impromptu dance party with my four awesome children, making a run to the nearest convenience store for a crushed ice Dr. Pepper (with vanilla and lime of course!), or starting yet another genius DIY that I swear I’ll finish soon. I love life, Christ, and the joy that can be found when we focus on beauty rather than hardship.

Why That Matters For You

While I didn’t get mom’s drawing gene, I did acquire her artistic eye and love of art. The emotion a beautiful landscape or honest portrait can emit is addictive. That addiction to honest emotion fuels my photography, as does my desire to capture personal moments for my family as well as yours.

So what are the things that say “you”? Whether its your favorite turquoise necklace or the flirty wink you throw a loved one, it all says something special about who you are. That’s what I want to capture in your photographs. The gentle nuzzle from a newborn, the contagious giggle of a child, the meaningful sideways glance from a beautiful woman … these are the images that connect us to the moments we treasure most. They are real. They are personal. They are beautiful.

Nearly all of my work is done on location due to my preference for outdoor imagery and golden light. I love to bathe subjects in that gorgeous rose glow that only nature can provide. It’s also my goal to portray you and your loved ones for who you really are in a more natural setting. No cheesy smiles or forced interaction for me, thank you.  Thus my tagline: be you. beyoutiful. Because a somber look from an introspective child or shy moment of hesitation in a new bride are more breathtaking than the biggest forced grin I could conjure.

Check out my portfolio, give me a call, or just enjoy seeing life through my lens for awhile . . .

I can’t wait to capture the beauty in you that others may have missed.

Trinity is located in Show Low, Arizona and serves Pinetop, Lakeside, Linden, Eagar/Springerville, Snowflake, Heber and surrounding areas within a 30 mile radius of Show Low. Travel beyond the 30 mile radius is available at an additional cost.